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Official FAU @ FIU Discussion
Posted: 1/21/2012 10:33:00 AM

Who is going down the Turnpike for Owls-Panthers?

Talk about the game here...

FAU (7-12, 3-3 Sun Belt)
at FIU (5-13, 2-4

  • When: Saturday, 2 p.m.
  • Where: U.S. Century Bank Arena, Miami
  • TV: CSS
  • Radio: ESPN760
  • Streaming audio: ESPN760
  • About the Panthers: Official site


Calvin Broadus
Posted: 1/21/2012 11:07:00 AM

I'll be listening to Rosetta Stone in the car as I head to FIU for the game.

Nothing beats beating FIU!

Posted: 1/21/2012 2:16:00 PM

Best way to follow the FAU-FIU game...

Watch CSS with sound down, listening to KLV on ESPN760 with your computer following our live page

Posted: 1/21/2012 4:39:00 PM

Great game . Surprising, Coach Thomas has FIU basketball behaving classy. Unlike their football and baseball teams. Actually enjoyable to watch.

Owl Access
Posted: 1/21/2012 8:00:00 PM

Here's our recap from FAU's 66-64 victory over FIU. A wild finish and some complaining by the Panthers when the game was over.


Posted: 1/22/2012 3:57:00 AM

I'm a little late to the discussion because of the Battle of Florida, but  felt surprised that the twittersphere (and coaches) went nutso over some late calls. As someone who actually attended the game (and isn't a huge admirer of Sun Belt refs) I thought they got all the important calls right. I went back to look at the video. Richardson clearly traveled - even by NBA standards. Though Taylor's late foul isn't in the highlight video, it was a good call. And Gantt clearly was hit on the wrist as he was beginning the shot - anyone who has ever played basketball knows that's almost impossible to recover from.

There was an awful lot of complaining in Miami today, Foolishness.

Here's the video.

Deerfeld Owl
Posted: 1/22/2012 8:27:00 AM

Perfect angle on that video to see that Gantt was hit on the wrist by the FIU player as he started his shot ...i.e. a foul.

A win over FIU is always sweet, but if FIU coaches, players and fans are upset with that call that just makes the win even sweeter!


Posted: 1/29/2012 12:06:00 PM

Next week the Owls host FIU at the Burrow,  is there going to be the same ticket issues as there was at the MTSU game ? ie. GA sold out when it was 50% sold etc.. I don't want to sound cheap , butI won't spend another $200 for 15 minutes of basketball like I did vs. MTSU.  I know I only stayed for a half ,but that is all we had time for.  Just wondering ?

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