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Barack Obama to speak at FAU
Owl Access
Posted: 4/5/2012 10:04:00 PM

Are you excited that President Barack Obama will be at FAU on Tuesday?

the bandito
Posted: 4/6/2012 8:37:00 AM


Posted: 4/6/2012 8:53:00 AM


Jack Mack
Posted: 4/6/2012 9:35:00 AM

Will Obama be allowed to attend the closed football practice?

the bandito
Posted: 4/6/2012 9:45:00 AM

no, they are closed to the public

Calvin Broadus
Posted: 4/6/2012 11:12:00 AM

Is Obama applying to be FAU's next Athletic Director?

Posted: 4/6/2012 1:43:00 PM

I'm never one to shy away from the obvious joke, so: No, Obama won't be the next AD - FAU is already running a big enough budget deficit... Now, if Clinton wants the women's hoops job...

the bandito
Posted: 4/6/2012 2:24:00 PM

lol @ chuck

Posted: 4/6/2012 4:05:00 PM

Just heard that Obama's visit may lead to Tuesday's FAU-FGCU baseball game being cancelled or moved to Ft. Myers.

Posted: 4/6/2012 4:26:00 PM

Just received word that the schools have in fact decided to swap home dates. Tuesday's game against FGCU will now be played in Fort Myers. The game in Boca will be played May 8.

Posted: 4/6/2012 5:35:00 PM

Too bad, he is a sports fan, he might have stayed and dropped by the baseball game and used our now famous port-a-potty - Ha Ha!

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