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FAU forward Brett Royster, right, applies pressure earlier this season against Warner. (FAUOwlAccess file photo)


Up in the air

After the Owls’ lackluster play on defense, FAU coach Mike Jarvis is still mulling over possible lineup changes for Thursday’s game vs. Louisiana-Lafayette.

Originally published on 2/9/2010

by Marcus Nelson

BOCA RATON – After FAU lost its second consecutive game on Saturday, Owls coach Mike Jarvis said there could be changes coming to the starting lineup in Thursday’s game vs. Louisiana-Lafayette.

On Tuesday Jarvis wouldn’t say if there will be a new face among FAU’s starters, but left the possibility open.

“There is always the possibility of lineup changes,” Jarvis said. “That goes day-to-day and half-to-half. …What I was saying was you could see a different lineup depending on how the guys practice. If the guys who were starting practice well, they might still be starting Thursday. If they don’t, then they won’t.”

FAU is 7-3 since rolling out the four-guard lineup of Ray Taylor, Alex Tucker, Sanchez Hughley, Greg Gantt and forward Brett Royster.

Jarvis made the initial comments after the Owls lost their second consecutive game of a two-game road trip during which both FAU opponents shot  better than 65 percent from the floor.

Jarvis wasn’t happy, especially with the defensive performance, but hopes the Owls (12-12, 8-5) can learn from the lapse.

“A very good  thing happened on the way to Hot Springs,” Jarvis said. “We had a trip where we finally realized …we have a lot of work to do on defense.”

The two-game losing streak cooled off the Owls, who had won five consecutive games.

When Jarvis does decide on the starting lineup for Thursday’s game, freshman forward DeMonte Simpson likely won’t be in it.

A toe injury may keep Simpson from playing vs. the Ragin’ Cajuns, Jarvis said.

“He could miss the game,” Jarvis said.

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