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Pre-game photos prior to FAU's basketball victory over Arkansas St.

Could tailgating before basketball games become a tradition?


Anyone for some dirty beer pong?


The only problem? Not enough chairs.


They must be in the front row.


Tailgating photos from the Western Kentucky game.

The Stinson crew wouldn't miss a game at Lockhart.


Some Dirty Birders took their turkey basters to Big Red...


...While others enjoyed a relaxing afternoon.


Someone had to settle the bet as to whether Big Red has tonsils.


Rusty Smith took some time with Big Red...


...And tossed a few passes.


Some band parents waiting for performance.


They brought their own Owl.


Coming up Roses.


The Harstad crew saw Brently nab a pick.


These guys found a cool spot to relax.


Perhaps the greatest tailgaiting menu ever...


...Featured a Turducken, steak and lobster. Thanks guys. Awesome.


Just resting for the game.


Tailgating before the Arkansas St. game

Not a bad way to celebrate a birthday.


The crew from FAU Broward - thanks for the hat!


The start of a new FAU generation.


The Dynamic Delta Duo...


...And the rest of the Delts.


Dirty Phil and the gang.



A look at the Owls FanFest

The Dirty Birds hit the FanFest parking lot early, treating it like a regular season game.


Inclement weather sent fans looking for cover, but the heavy rain never came.


Could this redhead be the next Rusty?


Members of the Austin Jensen group.


And the Travis Jones contingent.


Don't forget the Reaser crew.


There was a football toss - nice form.


And an inflatable obstacle course for kids.


Things to do during a rain delay: Members of the track team brought their own shelter...


The women's soccer team grabbed some ice cream...


The volleyball team invented their own game...


And the swim team left their speedo's at home - we think.


ESPN Radio spun the wheel.


Nothing like a little lunch and football.


The bleachers were packed.


Hang loose.


Plenty of water was consumed...


Former FAU Athletic Director Dick Young and wife.


See you next time.